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Neutralize Covid-19
Protect your staff, clients, patients, family, friends and the public. Fog Boss offers Disinfection and Sanitizing services through ULV fogging to a variety of properties. We use hospital- grade disinfectant approved by the Canadian Government and Health Canada. Disinfectant Fogging is powerful in areas of all sizes from a small studio apartment to a large event or office space. We will ensure your environment is safe and healthy so you can confidently provide the services your clients need most right now.
This method of disinfectant fogging creates a steady and wide-reaching mist in the form of a dense 99.99% disinfectant fog which covers high traffic areas such as doorknobs, table tops, and light switches and hard to reach areas that you would not typically reach with other cleaning methods. Fogging technology eliminates the need to move furniture to disinfect contamination. The fog clings to the surface applying disinfectant as it lands. 
Fog Boss uses a harmless, non-allergic and toxic free disinfectant which makes it both safe and effective in killing bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. 
Our treatments are applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime of your home or establishment. We can be in and out in an hour depending on the size of the area. There is no residue, no odour, and the environment is completely safe for you to resume the premises an hour after treatment.
Below is a helpful infographic of some germ hotspots and how you can handle these areas at home or in your office, however we suggest our fogging treatments as an extra precaution.
Fogging is a cost-effective way of keeping your space safe and healthy.
Infographic of Germs Hot Spots, Door Handles, TV Remotes, Keyboards, Papers & Books
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